You need to know your NUMBERS, but you don’t need to do it yourself.


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Let us TAKE THE WEIGHT OFF & help you get back to your PASSION.

Done for You Services

We take the weight off your shoulders by handling your bookkeeping needs monthly.  You get monthly updates to show you how your business is doing with highlights of what really matters, where your money is going, and how to increase profits.

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accounting system set up

We can assist you with the implementation and setup of an accounting system while providing you with the technical knowledge to help you to maintain that system.

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business formation & compliance

Business formation decisions don’t have to be challenging. You Need a Trusted Partner to Alert You of Compliance Due Dates & Filing of Annual Reports.

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What is the benefit of bookkeeping?


It allows you to concentrate on the parts of your business that make you money, that you love, and truly lets you be the creative thinker of your business.

We keep you up to date on your numbers and give you glimpses, highlights, and insights as to how your business is doing.

My books are a mess…

We understand this isn’t your specialty, and we will gladly take over for you. 

Part of bringing you on is to get you set up with clean books from either the first day of business or the first day of the current year, whichever you prefer.

This is a new client incentive and is discounted.

We understand this is part of the process and are here to help.

What bookkeeping software do you use?

Our preferred softwares are WAVE and QuickBooks Online depending on your unique business.

Sometimes it’s easier to start fresh, so don’t worry if you don’t have it yet. We will guide you as to the best fit for your needs and help you get set up.

For Quickbooks, you can choose to either pay for the software directly, or we will add it to our monthly fee as reimbursement.  WAVE is free – you just pay for the monthly bookkeeping service.

What do you need to get started?

We request online access to banks, credit cards, PayPal, and your invoicing system (Square/Stripe/etc).

Most allow a read-only accountant log in and we will help you figure out how to set one up so your data is secure.

This allows us to work efficiently and avoid bothering you for data requests or more information that can be found within these banks/platforms.

What about the cost?

Our base monthly packages start at $400 a month for Quickbooks users and $250 for WAVE users.  It varies based on your complexities and needs.

When we work together to implement good systems that allow us to deliver high quality, accurate data, most of our clients fall into this minimum.

If you need your books caught up or cleaned up, there will be a one-time set up fee.

You are billed on a monthly auto-pay subscription and we accept PayPal or Square (credit cards).